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A Message From Hope Garrett

In my many professional roles, I always support and mentor students from enrollment through graduation in person, by phone, and by email. I am your primary point of contact for motivation, support, and guidance academically and personally. I support your enrollment, student development, and retention while ensuring a high-quality educational experience.

As I was doing the same boring thing but on a different day, I was confronted with the thought of how can I do what I love so I can love what I do. The answer wasn’t simple. I had to reflect on identifying my passion and purpose in life. It took some time but thank God, I identified my passion and purpose, and that is teaching. But the next question was teaching what subject and that was easy – Medical Coding and Billing.
Hope Garrett, CPC, AACP

The art of being a great coder or great biller is the talent and tenacity of investigating and loving putting things together. Identifying the why and what of a medical case is stimulating and rewarding when the outcome is positive for the patient and provider. The business aspect of medicine is vital to the patient

As Medical Coders and Billers, we are responsible for the financial health of the patient. As a team, we treat the entire patient and strive for the best outcome possible. Therefore, passion, purpose, and subject were identified, and Hope Medical Coding and Billing Institute was born during the pandemic – in January 2020. Our first class was held in April 2020. Through the years, the students are incredible, and the lives changed affirm my passion and purpose. I no longer do the same boring thing but on a different day. I am energized and driven to do a great thing every day by affecting each student to be the best person they can be by achieving their aspirations. As said in the Bible, “Faith without works is dead”, we must work at our purpose to achieve our passion. Hope Medical Coding and Billing Institute is a place for purpose and passion. Come and join us!

Hope Garrett, CPC, AAPC